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Leica Viva TS15

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Leica Viva TS15
Your Vision: The Fastest Imaging Total Station

With Leica Viva TS15 the addition of advanced imaging functionality and the Leica SmartWorx Viva easy-to-use onboard software makes the fastest total station even faster! Leica Viva TS15 adds an advanced image sensor to the already proven total station sensors. With unique capture-sketch-link functionality, total station images can be captured, enhanced with sketching and linked to any point of interest. With tap-turn-measure any remote point can be measured without returning to the total station. Every vision on every scale becomes reality with ease.

Best-in-class Imaging
Optimize your productivity with exact photo documentation of site conditions. With live streaming of the total station view, you always know what the total station sees. Measure all points without returning to the total station.
  • Image Notes – Capture an image, screenshot or template, sketch on it and link it to any object in the database.
  • Image Assisted Surveying – Simply tap on the display and the total station will turn and measure the desired target.

    Best-in-class One-Person-Surveying
    Viva TS15 uses years of experience to optimally combine the world’s best total station sensors: angles, distances, drives and the patented PowerSearch target recognition camera.
  • Search – the unique PowerSearch finds your prism within seconds
  • Lock – Viva TS15 stays locked onto your prism in the most demanding environments
  • Measure – PinPoint EDM seamlessly harmonizes with precise angle sensors to complete the measurement process.

    Leica Viva GNSS Add-on
    Add full GNSS functionality to your Viva TS15 whenever you want and combine TPS and GNSS in the most efficient way.
  • Use SmartStation for TPS setup without the need of control points, traverses and resections
  • Use SmartPole to save time with setup "On-the-fly" and measure parallel with TPS and GNSS for double productivity

  • Product Information

    Your Vision: The Fastest Imaging Total Station
  • Angle and distance measurement (with Prism)
  • PinPoint - distance measurement without prism
  • Automatic Target Aiming (ATR)
  • Automatic Target Tracking (LOCK)
  • PowerSearch (PS)
  • Imaging

    Angle and distance measurement (with Prism)

    Leica Viva TPS precision angle measurement system operates continuously providing instant horizontal and vertical circle readings that are automatically corrected for any out of level by a centrally located twin-axis compensator. The coaxial EDM uses an infrared laser, has various measuring modes, and measures to prisms and reflective tape.The range is excellent 3.5 km to a single prism and the accuracy superb 1 mm + 1.5 ppm. Resolution is 0.1 mm.

    • Fast, continuous, high-accuracy angle measurements
    • Choice of accuracy from 1 to 5 seconds
    • No initialization
    • Twin-axis compensator
    • EDM with standard, fast and tracking modes
    • Long range, fast measurements and high accuracy
    • Totally reliable
    PinPoint - distance measurement without prism

    PinPoint is the ideal tool for measuring to wall corners, inaccessible objects, facades, rock faces, roofs and walls inside buildings, in fact to anything at which it is difficult to set up a reflector. PinPoints tightly bundled laser marks the point exactly with a small red dot. Measurements are taken instantly and directly (no complex routines measurement).

    And with PinPoint you can also take very long distance measurements to prisms.

    • All Leica Viva TPS
    • Three versions: short range R30 (max. 30 m), standard range R400 (more than 400m),
      superior range R1000 (more than 1000m)
    • Very small laser spot,marks the point exactly
    • Standard measurement and tracking modes
    • Accuracy as high as 2 mm depending on measuring mode,range and target surface
    • Motorized Leica Viva TPS with PinPoint the perfect tool for grid scanning of plane surfaces
      (e.g. facades), irregular surfaces (e.g. stockpiles), and measuring profiles and cross-sections
    Automatic Target Aiming (ATR)

    With ATR, you only need to point roughly with the optical sight and trigger a measurement; Leica Viva TPS does the rest fully automatically. The infrared beam transmitted from the telescope is reflected back by the prism and analyzed instantly. Leica Viva TPS moves the telescope, fine points to the center of the prism and measures. As you dont need to fine point or focus, you measure much quicker and more relaxed

    • Fast measurements
    • High uniform accuracy independent of operator and light conditions
    • Measurements to standard prisms (no need for active target)
    • A great aid for all work
    • Particularly advantageous for repetition measurements and when measuring to a large number of points
    Automatic Target Tracking (LOCK)

    Lock mode is part of ATR and enables Leica Viva TPS to track a moving reflector. After the initial ATR measurement, Leica Viva TPS remains locked onto the reflector and follows it as it moves. Measurements can be taken at any time. As intelligent software predicts the reflector movement, Leica Viva TPS continues to track even if obstructions cause short interruptions to the beam. If long interruptions should cause complete loss of lock, just point quickly again with the optical sight or, even better, use PowerSearch.

    • Part of ATR
    • For motorized Leica Viva TPS
    • Best with 360 reflector
    • Fully automatic
    • Eliminates manual operation
    • Very fast measurements
    • Perfect for mass point surveys
    • Use for topo, DTM, profiling etc.
    PowerSearch (PS)

    PowerSearch finds reflectors within seconds no matter where they are. With PowerSearch activated, Leica Viva TPS rotates and sends out a vertical laser fan. As soon as the fan strikes a prism Leica Viva TPS stops rotating, ATR takes over and fine points all fully automatically. Use PowerSearch for the first ATR measurement or to find the reflector again if Automatic Target Tracking loses lock.

    PowerSearch is particularly advantageous when operating with remote control.

    • Optional for motorized Leica Viva TPS equipped with ATR
    • Activated at the touch of a key or automatically, if configured
    • Finds standard prisms (no need for active target)
    • Saves time, increases productivity
    • Highly recommended for fast, efficient one-man remote control

    The Viva TPS TS11 I and TS15 I Imaging Total Stations have been designed to optimally include imaging functionality for Image Assisted Surveying and Documentation. Through high quality optics, images from 2 m to infinity are transferred as sharp images to a high resolution 5 Mpixel CMOS camera. A dedicated image processing board precisely calculates the exact exposure time and white balance settings for capturing optimal camera images of the total station live view. In order to support 20 Hz live streaming, new high-speed slip rings were designed and a state-of-the-art multimedia image processing unit was integrated to instantly transfer images from the telescope to the total stations high resolution VGA display.

    Key components for the imaging functionality of the TS11 I & TS15 I are:

    • High quality optics (no distortions, fixed focus)
    • High resolution sensor (5 Mpx CMOS image sensor)
    • High performance image processing board
    • High speed slip rings
    • High performance processor (Freescale i.MX31, 533 MHz multimedia processor
      with integrated image processing unit)
    • High resolution display (full VGA display)

  • Brochures & Videos

    Leica TS15 Brochure [pdf]

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