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Leica Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Leica Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Quickly and Automatically Map and Measure from the Air

The Aibot X6 is a lightweight and innovative six-propeller design that is easily controlled with a tablet PC and gets incredible results. Discover them for yourself using virtual control video goggles and get the best view possible of your aerial imagery.

Aibot X6 Hexacopter
Our easy to fly ultra-modern UAS packed with a high degree of robotics

Leica UAS support a variety of payload sensors for different applications, seamlessly integrate with Leica 3D terrestrial laser scanners and GPS, and generate compelling 3D data that is both accurate and georeferenced.

Leica UAS AIBOT X6 Videos


An Advanced UAS to Take You Anywhere

The Aibot X6 features multi-rotor technology with integrated propeller shields and is uniquely designed for safety, performance and flexibility. Its ability to carry up to 4.4 lbs of pure payload permits it to fly a wide range of cameras and sensors, making it an essential tool for any mapping professional.


  • Climb Rate - 18mph
  • Max Payload - 4.4 lbs
  • Max Speed - 25 mph
  • Programmable Routes - Fly programmed flight paths autonomously and independently take predefined aerial photos
  • Precise Control - 6 rotors and performance engines provide a massive thrust
  • Lightweight Design - Carbon fiber casing provides protection and reduces weight
  • Auto Start & Landing - Easily exeute the starting and landing procedure

Survey & Mapping


Industrial Inspection

Precision and efficiency are key aspects when it comes to surveying and mapping. The Aibot X6 UAV is designed to deliver high-end results – even in rough terrain. An UAV can be a valuable add-on to the mining industry. See how mine sites benefit from aerial mapping and monitoring.   Combine the ability of performing aerial industrial inspections with high-resolution images using the Aibot X6 UAV.

A new spin on photogrammetry
Surveying of the future is not fixed and static, but dynamic and flexible. With the data captured by the Aibot X6 commercial UAV and the software solutions of Aibotix and Hexagon, you can generate orthophotos, 3D models and high-density point clouds with great accuracy. The flight planning software Aibotix AiProFlight makes it simple to obtain all the parameters essential for proficient photogrammetry.

Simple and efficient data capture from the air

  • Survey simply, efficiently and economically from the air going to places that conventional equipment cannot reach
  • Plan the route ahead of your flight and make the Aibot X6 automatically fly along the defined route
  • Take high-resolution, geo-referenced photographs or other sensor data of the targeted area
  • Ensure sufficient image overlap, adequate airspeed, and fully automatic image capture based on the requirements of the sensor
  • Photograph vertically (nadir) or at an angle (oblique), and change flight altitude and camera angle during the flight as required
  • Increase the safety and efficiency of your inspection staff
  • Get a premium product developed and produced in Germany


An Advanced UAS to Take You Anywhere

The Aibot X6 features multi-rotor technology with integrated propeller shields and is uniquely designed for safety, performance and flexibility. Its ability to carry up to 4.4 lbs of pure payload permits it to fly a wide range of cameras and sensors, making it an essential tool for any public safety professional. 

Download the Aibot X6 data sheet [PDF]

Waypoint Flight

You Plan, the Aibot X6 Does The Rest

In autonomous flight mode, the Aibot X6 can fly along waypoints automatically. The route is set with Aibotix AiProFlight flight planning software and transmitted wirelessly to the Aibot. Plan your routes easily on your computer, laptop or tablet computer. 
Download the Aibot X6 Waypoint sheet [PDF]

Leica UAS are poised to revolutionize the way in which investigators capture crime and crash scenes and assist with search and rescue, tactical/disaster response and emergency operations. 

Webinar: UAS Set to Revolutionize Public Safety

The forensic firearms unit of the Washington State Patrol’s Seattle crime laboratory recently faced a difficult question for a criminal investigation in an extremely challenging outdoor environment. To find the answer, they deployed Leica Geosystems UAS technology. Crime lab supervisor Rick Wyant shares details on why they chose this solution and how it provided valuable insights for the investigation.

Wide range of mapping, inspection, planning, agriculture and forestry applications

  • Site surveying for quarries, sand pits, landfills, coal stockpiles, etc.
  • Inspection of overhead power lines and transmission towers, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, bridges, dams, buildings, oil and gas pipelines and railroad tracks
  • Analysis of sites as basis for development plans and monitoring of construction sites for documentation purposes
  • Data generation for point clouds, aerial images, volume calculations, GM creation, location and inventory plans, topographic images and planning fundamentals
  • Thermal imaging analysis to detect defects in buildings, industrial facilities or solar panels

Fully integrated solution from a single source
Aibotix works closely with other Hexagon brands, such as Leica Geosystems, to fully integrate systems and workflows for data generation and processing.



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