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Rugby CLH Horizontal Laser

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Rugby CLH Base Unit: Horizontal Laser
Horizontal One-button Laser

Leica Rugby CLH simplicity allows effortless use of the capabilities of the laser system.
It saves time by simplifying applications and making you more productive.
Its robust design secures measurement stability and accuracy for your daily tasks.
The handle is fixed to the base with special sockets that feature high rigidity and provide a strong mount to the base.

What's included (base model):
  • CLH Base Unit - Horizontal laser
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Charger

    CLH Base Model is Ideal for:
  • Concrete and formwork levelling
  • Height checking & transferring meter marks
  • Land leveling

    Upgrade to:

    • CLX 200 - Horizontal & Slope
      • Manual Slopes: driveways, ramp
      • Matching unknown slope (Slope catching and monitoring)
    • CLX 300 - Horizontal & Single Grade with Dial-In
      • Dial-in slopes (+/- 8%) in X axis: driveways, ramps
    • CLX 400 - Horizontal & Dual Grade with Dial-In (+/- 8%)
      • Dial-in slopesin X and Y axes: driveways, ramps

    *Once upgraded to a CLX200/300/400 the CLC Combo is required.

    **Lasers cannot be downgraded.

    Warranty offering
    The new Leica Rugby CLA and CLH are covered by PROTECT with 5 year No Cost Period and 2 year
    Knockdown Warranty. The Leica CLC Combo is covered with a 3 year No Cost Period.

    New Rugby Offering - Comparison

    Leica Rugby CLH   Leica Rugby CLA  
    Functionality   Functionality  
    Permanent/Rental (comparable to)   Permanent/Rental (comparable to)  
    Default CLH (Rugby 810)   Default CLA (Rugby 810) Phase Out: 
    CLX200 / 20 (Rugby 820)   CLX250 / 25 (Rugby 820) Roteo 35, 35G & 20HV
    CLX300 / 30 (Rugby 670)   CLX500 / 50 (Rugby 840)  Rugby 320, 410 & 420
    CLX400 / 40 (Rugby 680)   CLX600 / 60 (Rugby 870) Rugby 670 & 680
        CLX700 / 70 (Rugby 880) Rugby 810, 820, 840, 870 & 880
        CLX800 / 80 (Rugby 420)  

  • Specifications

    Rugby Chameleon Laser Specifications

    Rugby Chameleon CLC Remote/Receiver Specifications


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