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Leica BLK360 3D Scanner& ReCap Pro

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Item #:
  • Description
  • ReCap 360 Pro
  • Scope of Delivery
  • Accesories

Meet the Leica BLK 360 & the ReCap Pro and experience Reality Capture
From Leica, the leader in 3D Reality Capture

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Leica Geosystems introduces the most transforming 3D Scanner to date. The data, the accuracy and the cost are real.  This versatile and easy to use scanner will capture and deliver incredible results.  The Leica BLK360's are in. 
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Leica BLK360 Quick Specifications

  • 360,000 points a second                                 
  • 60m range
  • 3 minute scans
  • 4mm accuracy
  • Seamless transfer with iPAD
  • Instant Registration with Autodesk ReCAP 360 PRO.
  • Collaborative data sharing in the cloud
  • Leica BLK360 Sample Data  Click to Download (640MB Zipped File)
    Leica BLK360 is a truly amazing laser scanner, that fits in your hand, you can carry in your pocket, take it to places that a bulky laser scanner is hard to carry. It's trendy, stylish, easy to use and looks like the Apple of the laser scanners.

  • Lightweight scanner
  • Scan wherever-whenever only 4" wide and 6.5" tall, weighs only 2.2 lbs.

  • On-the-fly 3D data capture

  • Push-button scanning

    360° SCANNING

  • 360°  Spherical imaging
  • Full 360° reality capture. < 3 Minutes

  • The Leica BLK360 App

    Unlock the power of the BLK360 imaging laser scanner: Visualize, annotate and process BLK360 spherical imagery and point clouds right on-site with the BLK360 app.





    Unlock the power of the BLK360 imaging laser scanner with this free controller app. Visualize, annotate and process BLK360 spherical imagery and point clouds right on-site with the BLK360 app






    Basic Functions

    Generate a spherical image overlaid on a 3D pointcloud with all the details you need to make accurate site surveys. It takes less than 3 minutes per scan.

    Create detailed project documentation by adding annotations and labels containing photos and voice memos in a 360 degree re-creation of your environment. 

    Delete old projects off the BLK360 onboard memory to free up space for new scans.

    E57 EXPORT
    Create Point Cloud Files: Export BLK360 colorized point cloud data in the industry standard E57 format – making it available for use in other point cloud processing applications.





    Utilize all of the benefits of the latest product developments by automatic firmware updates to Leica BLK360.

    Once data has been transferred to the iPad Pro you can access it within the app independent of the BLK360. Work on site or take the project back to the office.










    What is Autodesk ReCap 360 Pro?

    Autodesk ReCap 360 Pro is a reality capture and 3D scanning software that helps make building renovation, construction verification, and complex modeling projects more efficient. Key features include automatic scan registration, point cloud viewing & editing and collaboration.

    Key features of Autodesk ReCap 360 Pro

    • Available on desktop, the web and mobile (to be available early 2017)
    • Control all aspects of the reality capture process remotely on the ReCap 360 Pro app for iPad.
    • Automatically register and visualize scan data in the field.
    • Import scans in vaious formats
    • Real Views (panoramic visualization)
    • Point cloud viewing, editing and cleaning
    • Automatic registration
    • Accuracy reports & survey control
    • Target-based registration refinement and registration rollback
    • Photorealistic data visualization
    • Alignment of laser point clouds with photo-based point clouds
    • Real View States
    • Video tool
    • Advanced measurement tools
    • Markup and Tagging
    • Search and Sync
    • Access to cleanup service (new with 3.0)
    • Access to scan-to-mesh service (new with 3.0)
    • Batch project creation from input files (new with 3.0)
    • Export in various formats (RCP/RCS, E57, PTS, PCG)

    Scope of Delivery

    Included standard accessories:
  • BLK360 hood
  • Battery charger GKL312 with AC power adapter GEV192-9
  • Battery GEB212 (1x)
  • Quick guide BLK360
  • Quick guide GKL312
  • 12 month warranty
  • Calibration certificate digital access via online registration
  • Leica BLK360 Accessories

    6011839   BLK360 Mission Kit   $1010

    Consists of:   

      • 853640 BLK360 Mission Bag 
      • 772806 GEB212 Lithium-Ion Battery 
      • 852413 GKL312 Battery Charger 
      • 853638 BLK360 Tripod
    000000   BLK360 Car Charger Adapter   $10
    000000   BLK360 GKL312 Battery Charger with AC/DC Adapter   $200
    853640   BLK360 Mission Bag   $170
    772806   BLK360 BLK360 GEB212 Lithium-Ion Battery   $140
    853638   BLK360 Tripod   $360
    000000   BLK360 Tripod Adapter   $120
    851476   BLK360 GEV192-0 AC.DC Adapter   $30
    5307773   BLK360 1-Year Warranty Extension   $950
    KR-BLK-PKG  BLK360 Accessory Case   $399
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