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HP Tips and Tricks and Product Information

HP Tips and Tricks HP Tips and Tricks and Product Information
The following tips and tricks will help you when printing to your HP Designjet printers

New! HP Designjet End of Service Life (EOSL)
Effective on October 31st, 2016
  • HP Designjet T1200, T1200ps, T770, T770 HD, 4020, 4020ps, 4520, 4520ps, T7100 mono, 5500 42in, 5500 60in, 4500ps, 4000ps.
    After the EOSL date, it will not be possible to get support from HP regarding spare part ability, phone support, on-site repair, care-pacs and software support.
    As a solution to this please call us directly at 1-800-454-1310. We will continue to assist in these areas.

    HP Designjet Printers
  • Check the status of your HP plotters warranty. Click here
  • Designjet ePrint&Share discontinuance Click here
  • My Ink Won't Dry! Click here
  • Why Should I turn off my cutter? Click here
  • Can I print outdoor banners? Click here
  • What does the T and Z stand for in the HP Model Numbers? Click here

    Check the status of your HP plotters warranty. Click to Check!

    Designjet ePrint&Share discontinuance. See attachment
    HP DesignJet ePrint & Share has been discontinued.
    Why has HP decided to retire HP ePrint & Share?
    HP is launching new HP Mobile Printing, which is an evolution of the current solution that offers easier and more straightforward mobile printing and scanning capabilities.

    My Ink Won't Dry!
    The answer is pretty simple.
    1. Make sure the paper is compatible with your printer. If it’s not, change the paper.
    2. Make sure the ink is the right ink for your printer. Often, money saving 3rd party inks are not consistent from cartridge to cartridge and can cause printing issues.
    3. After printing, let the print sit for the manufacturers recommended time before handling.
    4. This is usually the solution…set the printing option to the recommended print setting. For example if you are printing on Glossy paper, set your printer to the “glossy” setting when printing. This can dramatically change how the ink looks, is laid down on the paper, the print speed and several other things that can affect the dry time.

    Why Should I turn off my cutter?
    The answer:
    Depending on the capabilities of your plotter you may be able to print on heavy materials. Card stock, Outdoor Banner and particularly Canvas can take a heavy toll on that poor cutter blade and assembly. Simply disabling the cutter and using some good old fashioned scissors can prolong the life of your cutter.

    Most plotters will let you disable the cutter both at the plotter as well as at your work station. Check your plotters owner’s manual for more details. Also when your print has finished printing it will automatically advance, if not, simply manually advance it far enough for you to safely perform a rough cut to release it from the roll. You can then give it a nice clean, fresh cut at your trimming area.

    When finished don’t forget to turn the cutter back on.

    Can I print outdoor banners with my current Technical (CAD) plotter?
    The answer:
    Yes!(With an Asterisk*) All HP plotters can print banners used for indoor AND outdoor* use, provided you use the right ink and/or paper. Obviously all plotters can print on a paper as simple as a 20lb. bond and be displayed indoors. But, if you take that same print outdoors it will quickly fade and dissolve in the elements. That's because you have a Technical plotter using water-based inks and paper made out of wood based pulp. Great for dark, sharp lines...not so great when water hits it.

    An option, is a Polypropylene. This is an inexpensive plasticized water and tear-resistant material that has great handling characteristics and beautiful output. Although it is not recommended by most manufacturers as being "OK" for outdoor use, it can be used for short-term*, outdoor use. Great for golf tournaments, picnics, fairs etc. It will resist that Seattle Mist we all know as well as those intermittent bursts of rain showers that pop up. It's lightweight and is OK to be trimmed with the plotters automatic cutter. I've seen the image last without any degradation to the image from a few days to several months. Again, the life expectancy will depend on the weather conditions in your area. Combine with a UV laminate spray for even longer life.

    This is the perfect product for Trade-shows. And this also works with pigment-based inkjet plotters.

    What does the T and Z stand for in the HP Model Numbers?
    The answer:
    Simply, the T stands for Technical and Z stands for Graphics All printers can print both technical and graphics images. However, they are all optimized to do one better than the other. For instance a T120 printer is designed for personal use, but, can print great images. But if you use this printer to print large images, it will quickly eat up the small color ink cartridges. Also, the speed is incredibly slow when compared to a Z printers speed. Additionally, some images may print incorrectly in terms of color, saturation or may not print at all.

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