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Hubs, Stakes & Lath for Surveyors and Construction

Hubs, Stakes & LathHubs, Stakes & Lath for Surveyors and Construction
KR is proud to provide Hubs, Stakes, Lath and other wood products for the Survey and Construction Industries. We supply the cleanest wood with the least knots on the market. Additionally, because we source locally we do our best to keep the prices fair and consistent.

  • LathSizes: 24", 36" and 48"
  • HubsSizes: 6", 8", 10" 12" and 24"
  • StakesSizes: 18" and 24"

    We also stock "Painted Lot Markers" and "Ginnies"

    Cut from Douglas fir, our and lath is the strongest and straightest you will find. The finished products always have a nice finish that won’t tear up your markers. Our Douglas Fir/Larch hubs can take a beating! The long, 4 sided point pounds into the ground easier, resulting in less breakage.


    Wood Supplies for Land Surveyors and Construction

    Kuker-Ranken delivers surveyor, engineer, architect, and general contractor construction supplies direct to your doorstep.

    Hubs Lath Stakes Lot Markers Ginnies    
    6" $22.80 (50/bndl)
    8" $27.10 (50/bndl)
    10" $28.80 (50/bndl)
    12" $16.30 (25/bndl)
    18" $20.80 (25/bndl)
    24" $32.75 (25/bndl)
    24" $20.70 (50/bndl)
    36" $29.10 (50/bndl)
    48" $38.45 (50/bndl)
    18" $16.95 (50/bndl)
    24" $29.00 (50/bndl)
    24" $40.30 (25/bndl) 12" $24.64 (50/bndl)
    6" round $41.80 (200/box)
    8" round $56.70 (200/box)

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