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IMS - Incident Mapping Suite

IMS - Incident Mapping Suite

The leading suite of forensic software on the market

Our new groundbreaking software is unlike any other incident mapping tool. While incredibly powerful, it is also incredibly easy to use. Our interactive design template system makes creating factual diagrams possible for anyone, regardless of skill level.

A few simple clicks and you’re quickly on the way to turning data into a range of courtroom-ready evidence documents. End-to-end capabilities eliminate the need to learn multiple software and processes.  

IMS EVR allows you to experience the power, precision, and productivity gains associated with being able to visually verify your ongoing field evidence collection – on-the-spot, right in the palm of your hand!  

What is IMS Map360?

IMS Map360 is a desktop software solution that lets users import, process, analyze, visualize and create court ready deliverables. Based on MapScenes software with new easier to use interface and latest IntelliCAD engine.

Data into Diagram

Turn your data into a diagram with ease by using data collection software such as IMS Evidence Recorder or Leica Captivate.

Validate and Analyze

Import your data into IMS Map360 and use the built-in tools to examine the data and evidence collected at the scene.

Court Ready Documents

Have profesional court ready documents in minutes with world leading IMS Software

Simple or Advanced

Flexibility and multi-sensor support makes Map360 both productive and scalable to your agency’s needs as they change and grow.

Starting with manual scene measurement entry, all the way up to advanced mobile mapping systems (and everything in between!).

What is IMS Evidence Recorder?

IMS EvidenceRecorder is the world's best-
selling crash and crime scene data collection
software used by reconstruction professionals
using total stations or GPS systems.

Reduce errors. Save time.
Eliminate frustration.

EvidenceRecorder enables you to identify details graphically, confirm you have everything you need, and rectify any errors or omissions – all before you leave the scene.

Why wait until you have loaded your data into your desktop computer to realize critical evidence points have been missed or are incorrect?

EvidenceRecorder will give you confidence that your evidence data is captured, correct, and comprehensive.


EvidenceRecorder Advantages

  • Works on either Windows Mobile or Windows Tablets and laptops. Option to have a much larger viewing screen.
  • Hardware freedom of choice: Works with many total stations or GPS receivers, and on a multitude of hand-held data collectors. We believe you shouldn't have to buy all new equipment just to upgrade one component.
  • 3D viewing in the field to get a true picture of the data you collected now.
  • You can attach photos and voice notes to your shot so no time wasted at the scene writing down notes.



  1. Graphical User Interface
    With its industry-leading User Interface, you won't believe the power, clarity, and ease of use EvidenceRecorder can bring to mobile devices and tablets. Crisp, high-definition graphics, smooth panning and zooming and logically organized menus.

  2. Calculation and SurfaceModeling
    Create real-time 3D surface models to visualize complex scenes.

  3. Total Station and High-Precision GPS Support
    EvidenceRecorder supports all common total stations, many of which can be controlled right from the EvidenceRecorder interface. A wide range of RTK GPS receivers are also supported.

  4. AutoMAP Library and Description Lists
    Customizable AutoMAP libraries automatically synchronize to Map360. Also allows
  5. Active Lines List
    Start as many lines as you like – the active lines list will keep track of any line in progress, and allow you to easily jump back and forth are also supported.

  6. Advanced Setup and Measurement Options
    Unparalleled measuring and calculation options are all quickly accessible with an intuitive menu structure –built specifically around feedback from users like you. Also perform offsets, easy 3-Point resection (reposition) and useful quick measurement and calculation tools.

  7. Written and Audio Notes
    Easily append audio notes to shots. Play them back within EvidenceRecorder, or retrieve them when mapping with Map360.

  8. Smart Toolbars
    Regular-use items are a single click away. Menus are context sensitive: If you click a point in your diagram, you get all the menu items relevant to that point.

  9. Data Security
    No need for constant saving – each measurement is automatically saved. You also have the option to encrypt the working file.
  10. Video Points Scanning
    An exclusive feature in EvidenceRecorder, allowing you to visually define a scan area through the total station on-board cameras and automatically generate point cloud data with your Leica MS50 or Leica MS60.

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