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Leica BLK3D: Real-Time, in-picture 3D measurement

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BLK3D Introductory Package

  • BLK3D Imager
  • Sketch & Document Mobile - 1 year License
  • Desktop Software License including 3D Modelling - 1 year license
  • Accessories: LED lamp, rugged case, battery (2) and charger, power adapter, screen protector.
  • 1 year limited warranty
    *Limited quantities will be available starting end of January.

    The Leica BLK3D is a real-time, in-picture 3D measurement solution. By combining measurement sensors, software, and on-device edge data processing capabilities, the Leica BLK3D makes in-picture measurements with professional-grade accuracy in real-time possible. Every image captured is a complete and precise 3D measurement record.

    Its edge computing capabilities eliminate the need for network connections and cloud services, ensuring professionals can make faster decisions within their daily workflows whether measuring inaccessible locations, creating floor plans, estimating building installations, documenting construction site progress or creating measurable, as-built documentation.
    Leica BLK3D Specification Sheet [pdf]
    Leica BLK3D User Manual [pdf]

    The Leica BLK3D
    Real-time, in-picture 3D measurement.

    The BLK3D creates images that contain precise three-dimensional measurements.

    Un-matched combination of a calibrated stereo-camera, advanced algorithms and real-time edge computing fused with leading Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) technology.

    Capture critical moments throughout the life of a building.


    Measure in your image on the handheld imager, on the desktop, on-site or in the office.

    Auto-Snapping uses computer vision technologies to select the right points for your measurements.

    Create floorplans and import existing ones. Add measurable images. Document construction progress with multiple images over time.

    Store your measurable images on the device and on desktop. Organize your projects by tagging measurable images with searchable keywords for easy recall and share them in multiple formats.

  • Specifications

    Leica BLK3D Specification Sheet [pdf]


    Dimensions (H x W x D) 180.6 x 77.6 x 27.1 mm (7.11 x 3.06 x 1.07 in)
    Weight (with rechargeable battery) 480 g (17 oz)
    Temperature range Storage: -25 to 60 °C (-13 to 140 °F), Operation: -10 to 50 °C (14 to 122 °F)
    Charging: 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
    Tripod adapter Supports 1/4-20 UNC screw adapters


    Operating system Android 7.1.2 (Nougat)
    Processor (with integrated GPU) Snapdragon 820E QuadCore (2.35 GHz)
    RAM Memory 4 GB
    Real-time Processor STM32F446
    Screen 5.0” IPS, HD 720x1280 LCD capacitive multi-touch screen, chemically strengthened, brightness: 450 cd/m2
    Stereo camera Pixels: 2 x 10 MP (15.8 cm diagonal base line), Field of view: 80°, Focal length: 4.0 mm (22 mm in 35 mm equiv. in 1:1), Aperture: F3.0
    EDM camera Pixels: 2 MP, Field of view: 14°
    I/O USB Type-C 1.0 for data transfer and charging (waterresistant), integrated speaker and microphone
    Keyboard Three physical buttons (Power, Laser/Photo capture, Photo capture), four touch buttons (Back, Home, Recents, Laser/Photo capture)
    Additional sensors Compass, 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope
    Laser class 2
    Laser type 655 nm, 0.95 mW


    Internal storage 64 GB (equals 14000 single-shot or 5000 multi-shot 3D images)


    Bluetooth® Smart Bluetooth v4.1 and v2.1, Radiated power: 1.78 mW (BLE)
    Radiated power: 10.00 mW (BT classic), Frequency: 2402-2480 MHz
    Wireless LAN Standard: 802.11 b/g/n, Radiated power: 6.31 mW
    Frequency: 2412-2472 to 2412-2462 MHz

    Power Management

    Battery Rechargable battery pack Li-ion, (3.80 V, 3880 mAh, 14.7 Wh)F
    Power management AC adapter (input: 100-240 V AC), External charger (input: 100-240 V AC) (optional)
    Charge time < 3.5 h (with AC adaptor), < 5h (with optional external charger)
    Operating time Typical capture: 4h / 220 multi-shot captures 1
    Continuous capture: 2.5 h /1000 single-shot captures1
    Laser measurements: 6.5 h / 9500 laser measurements
    Auto power off after 3 h in sleep mode

    3D Image Distance Measurement

    2D in-picture accuracy 2/3 ± 3 mm (0.12 in)
    3D in-picture accuracy 2/3 ± 6 mm (0.24 in)

    Laser Distance Measurement

    Accuracy with favourable conditions4 ± 1.0 mm (0.04 in)6
    Accuracy with unfavourable conditions5 ± 2.0 mm (0.08 in)6
    Range with favourable conditions4 250 m (820 ft)
    Range with unfavourable conditions5 120 m (394 ft)
    Smallest unit displayed 0.1 mm (1/32 in)
    X-Range Power Technology™ yes
    Ø laser point at distances 6 / 30 / 60 mm (10 / 50 / 100 m)

    Tilt Measurement

    Measuring tolerance to laser beam7 ± 0.2°
    Measuring tolerance to housing7 ± 0.2°
    Range 360°

    P2P Measurement with DST 360 (Optional)

    Working range vertical sensor -64° to > 90°
    Accuracy vertical sensor up to ± 0.1°
    Working range horizontal sensor 360°
    Accuracy horizontal sensor up to ± 0.1°
    Tolerance P2P function at distances (combination of sensors and distance measuring) approx. ± 2 mm / 2 m, ± 5 mm / 5 m, ± 10 mm /10 m°
    Levelling range ± 5°

    Software Options Overview

    BLK3D Mobile (included) Reality Capture, Laser, Organiser, 3D Image export to pdf and jpg
    Sketch & Document Option (optional) Sketch Plan , P2P Measure, Smart Room, Plan export to pdf, jpg, DXF and DWG (2D/3D/raw)
    BLK3D Desktop Base (optional) Organiser, Measure, working with plans
    3D Model Option (optional) 3D Modelling on 3D Images
    Minimum system requirements Windows 7, 8.1, 10 with 64-bit; 6 GB RAM
    1. Wi-Fi® off, Bluetooth® off, flash off, screen brightness 50%.
    2. Multi-shot with recommended baseline length.
    3. Measurement precision, accuracy, and reliability are dependent upon various factors including distance and position to object, baseline length, texture of object, light conditions, ambient temperature, calibration etc. Figures quoted assume normal to favourable conditions at close range and are subject to change.
    4. Applies to 100 % target reflectivity (white painted wall), low background illumination, 25 ºC.
    5. Applies to 10 to 100 % target reflectivity, high background illumination, - 10 ºC to + 50 ºC.
    6. Tolerances apply to ranges from 0.05 m to 10 m with a confdence level of 95%. The maximum tolerance may deteriorate to 0.1 mm/m between 10 m to 30 m, to 0.20 mm/m between 30 m to 100 m and to 0.30 mm/m for distances above 100 m.
    7. After user calibration. Additional angle related deviation of ±0.0.1° per degree up to ±45° in each quadrant.

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