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Microdrones mdLiDAR1000HR LiDAR Surveying UAV

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mdLiDAR1000HR aaS: the HR means high resolution pointclouds and increased coverage is made easier and more accessible than ever. Microdrones worked with LiDAR innovator Velodyne to seamlessly integrate their lightweight Puck Lite sensor which offers an increased range as well as field of view. Combined with the complete package of software, workflow, service and support from Microdrones, you have a turnkey drone lidar system that improves your field data collection and data processing productivity on day one.

Who Should Consider This System:
Professionals responsible for geospatial data collection should consider mdLiDAR1000HR aaS to support the following tasks.

  • Corridor mapping
  • Mining (volume calculation)
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Environmental changes (time series)
  • Forestry
  • Contour mapping
  • Planning, Leveling, Excavation
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage
  • Highway construction
  • Precision Agriculture

    Surveying    |    Mining    |    Construction    |    Volumetrics

    Microdrones has developed an end-to-end LiDAR solution combining a drone, a LiDAR payload, a fully integrated LiDAR processing and photogrammetry software workflow, and world class support to consistently provide quality deliverables.

    mdLiDAR1000HR aaS is a fully integrated system for producing 3D point clouds optimized for land surveying, construction, oil & gas and mining applications.

    mdLidar1000HR aaS with a 90 degree field of view for both scanned points and imagery, repeatedly provides a precision of 1.6 cm (.052 ft) at 1-σ when flown at 40 m (130 ft) at a speed of 8 m/s (18 mph).

    Improved image acquisition precisely configured to match 90 degree laser scanner field of view enables compatibility with streamlined point cloud colorization and FORMapdata processing modules within the mdInfinity platform.

    Each LiDAR channel of the mdLiDAR1000HR was boresight calibrated to improve the data consistency, therefore providing a reduced Standard Measurement Uncertainty.

    The mdLiDAR1000HR aaS package includes:

  • md4-1000. Robust, powerful, stable and dependable. Build your business on this versatile platform.
  • Charger and Flight Battery. One md4-1000 flight battery and charger for maximum flight endurance.
  • Rugged Carrying Case. Bring your Microdrones UAV to tackle missions in the toughest corners of the Earth.
  • Tri Blade Quadcopter. Increased flight performance for high altitude projects with three blade prop integration.
  • Integrated Cooling Covers. Patent Pending motor covers enhance cooling and motor longevity.
  • Mag-less Navigation. Drone navigation is more robust and less subject to magnetic field interference with no need for magnetometer during flight.

  • Encrypted Digital Data Link. Conveniently command and control your survey equipment using your tablet. Encryption provides additional security for project and plan data.
  • mdRC. Proven, professional controls and telemetry keep you in control when you need it most, using a second radio link.
  • Extended Communication Range Operation. Subject to local regulations, select markets include United States and China.
  • Multiple Tablet Control. (Optional, available upon request) Control the drone from multiple tablets. Take off from Point A with Tablet 1, control at Point B with Tablet 2, etc. Helpful for corridor and BVLOS applications. We recommend the S series Samsung tablet. (Others will work but the performance suffers with lower quality Android tablets.)

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