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Why choose RTC360 Technology?

A New Development in Laser Scanning Technology

Fast, efficient, accurate and portable, the Leica RTC360
is a complete and new laser scanning system.

This latest development in 3D laser scanning combines a high-performance laser scanner with Cyclone FIELD 360, a mobile-device app on a tablet computer, to capture and automatically pre-register scans in real time.

Five reasons to choose the Leica RTC360

1. Truly Usable Data

The Leica RTC360 scans and captures large amounts of clean, accurate, usable data. The low noise data that is produced allows for better images, resulting in crisp, high-quality scans that are rich in detail and ready for use in a range of applications.

After quickly scanning your job, you can now bring the data back to your office and share. Multiple areas within your company can access the information they need and filter out the rest.

  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Environmental
  • Cultural

    2. Reality Capture

    Accurately recreate your environment. Move from indoors to outdoors and back again.
    If you leave the jobsite, don't worry about it. Return later and continue scanning, the Leica RTC360 knows where it's already been and will connect the data and automatically register it. It's as if you never left. With a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second and advanced HDR imaging system, the creation of coloured 3D point clouds can be completed in under 2 minutes.

    3. VIS - Visual Inertial System

    VIS technology tracks the position and movement of the scanner from station to station, automatically coordinating the scanner relative to the previous set up. Progress viewed on the tablet shows the new data coming in at the right position. Just 60 seconds later the images are added and when complete, the scanner computes a reduced dataset for wireless transfer to the tablet. Additional information, which may be used later in the office, such as voice recordings, video, images, text or documents, can be tagged to each scan and positioned accurately in the point cloud.

    Once the scanner has completed the first set up, move to the next and again select start on the tablet. VIS technology takes care of the rest.

    4. Pre-registration in the field

    As part of the RTC360 solution, the Cyclone FIELD 360 app links the 3D data acquisition in the field with the laser scanner and data registration in the office with Cyclone REGISTER 360. On-site you can automatically capture, register and examine scan and image data. The user interface combines easy handling of complex calculations with a graphical user guidance that offers a remarkable user experience, also for novice users.

    5. Ease of Use

    Scanning comes in two easy options.
    1. Once on-site, the easy-to-use one-button operation makes for fast, hassle-free scanning.
    2. Use an iPad or your cell phone. The connection is via Wi-Fi and you can see what you've scanned and, what you're currently scanning.

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